Introducing the Finest Quality of Cashmere in Nepal :: More than 20 years of experience

About Us

Hilltop Cashmere Pashmina is based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are the manufacturer and suppliers of high quality Cashmere products. HILLTOP CASHMERE PASHMINA INDUSTRIES is registered under the law of Kingdom of Nepal and has been producing Cashmere products since 1999 by our skilled indigenous weaver.

Our Cashmere products are hand woven by our professional and experienced weavers in traditional Handlooms. We have experienced craftsmen for all of our weaving/knitting/dyeing/embroidery and for other work.

We have professional and experienced dyeing master who uses Lanasyn Dyesstuffs dye imported from Clariant (Switzerland) to match the ordered color We offer both pure and mixed Cashmere for both types of customers. Pure ones for customers who are crazy about Cashmere and want is pure and mixed ones which has a percentage of silk which gives it silky feel and shiny looking light weighted luxurious wrap.

We never compromise on quality of any of or raw material and expertise to make our products and therefore guarantee complete satisfaction on our products.

We provide a range of more than 200 different colors that our customers can choose from.

Acquire our rare Cashmere products and give yourself an opportunity to feel royal and that too with a price that you never dreamt of!!!